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Steam boiler for AAC plant supply steam in Aerated autoclaved concrete block processing

Date: 05-28-2014

Steam boiler is to provide heat for raising autoclave and pre-kiln. Steam boiler is one of equipments of AAC block/brick production line equipments, various models, to choose according to brickyard scale.

Steam boiler types for Aerated autoclaved concrete block plant


ZG supply coal fired steam boiler, biomass fired steam boiler, gas fired steam boiler, and oil fired steam boiler for AAC block plant, in recent year, coal fired steam boiler and biomass fired steam boiler is often used in AAC plant. autoclave needed steam is mainly supplied by industrial steam boiler. In the production process, the steam consumption per cubic meter of aerated block, the amount of steam - autoclaved and cured its consumption is 224kg. All of those steam should supplied by industrial steam boiler.

How many venue aerated block production line investment needs?

For example with an annual output of 100,000 cubic meters:
Raw materials area: 1000 square meters, the main pile aerated block production of major raw materials .
Finished area: 1500 square meters, the main pile aerated block finished, the venue needed to fight the horizon, easy vehicle access .
Main workshop area: 50 × 15 meters clear height of 8 meters, the main workshop steel structure need be able to carry two five tons heavy traffic, cutting machine placed at the need to expand outside three meters .
Milling plant: 25 × 6 meters clear height of 6.5 meters, the library contains lime, mainly placed ball mill, shop requires open-top .
Ingredients workshop: included in the main workshop, and two, two-story bearing capacity should be more than 8 tons, the main display measuring tank and pouring machine .
Autoclave and the autoclave area covers: two meters in diameter autoclave reactor spacing of 4 meters, the autoclave reactor zone and about the same length .
Steam Boiler room area: 12 × 7 × 4 meters.
Office area can be set according to their own circumstances.

Buy Steam boiler and AAC autoclave from ZG Boiler

Both steam boiler and AAC autoclave are manufactured by ZG, we promise to meet your requirements about AAC block plant, at present, ZG supplied 50,000m3-300,000m3 AAC plant for export. In the last ten year, we supply steam boiler , AAC autoclave and whole equipment of AAC block plant to Russia, Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Iran, Laos, Cambodia, Australia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Egypt,,etc.

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