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Sand lime brick plant

Date: 05-13-2014

We manufacture a wide range of Sand Lime Brick Plants& with optimum grade material for best quality machines, Especially sand lime brick autoclave and steam boilers. We also provide technology and supply machinery and equipment for Building Projects Including AAC Plants from China.


Our product range comprises project planning and development of machinery for the following plant areas:

raw material processing
hydraulic sand lime brick presses
hardening trollyes logistics
brick treatment

Sand-lime brick processing

Sand-lime brick is a high-quality building material made of silica sand, quick lime and water. The raw materials will be mixed in a pre-mixer and after that stored in reactors for the hydration of the lime. After a time between 2 – 4 hours of hydration the material will be mixed again in a secondary double shaft mixer. The mixed material will be pressed by a double acting press to different sizes of bricks, blocks or elements.

The bricks will be stacked automatically on a hardening car and transported in an autoclave for curing under steam pressure of 16 bar with a temperature of about 208° C. After curing the bricks are ready for immediate use.


The advantages of sand-lime bricks

Sand lime bricks can be used for buildings up to 20 floors without any skeleton structures. The advantages of sand lime bricks comparing to other building materials are as follows:
• High strength
• High sound absorption
• Wide range of product sizes from small brick up to elements
• Fast construction with high economic efficiency
• Using for inside and outside walls
• Bricks are possible in different colours for outside walls
• Small amount of mortar with the result of high cost reduction
• Easy handling
• High thermal isolation
• High fire resistant
• Low tolerance in sizes through our high quality machineries


Autoclave in sand lime brick plant


Steam boiler in sand lime brick plant


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