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Autoclave for autoclaved aerated concrete block for sale China

Date: 2014-10-30 17:53:44

Project Name:Autoclave for autoclaved aerated concrete block for sale China

Project Time:Sep. 2014

Equipment:8 sets


As the increasing demand for new type building material, more and more enterprises invest the building material production. Thus, the related equipment, such as mixer, crusher, autoclave and boiler is rapidly developing. Lately, the Hongfu Group in China purchased 8 sets of autoclave from our company.

8 sets of autoclave for autoclaved aerate concrete block
Hongfu Group purchased the FGZCS1.5-2.0x31.5 autoclave, for high temperature high steam curing in autoclaved aerate concrete (AAC) block production. As we all know, the AAC is light weight, high strength, energy saving, insulation, thermal resistance, fire proof, etc. There are many enterprises manufacturing AAC products, which are practical in building industry.

Autoclave for autoclaved aerate concrete block

Why choose ZG autoclave equipment
Through allround appraisal, Hongfu Group finally chose ZG Group to manufacture the 200000 m3 aac plant. We design and manufacture 8 sets of FGZCS1.5-2.0x26 autoclave for them, and finally we even finished the project half a month earlier than the delivery date.

ZG is one of the largest industrial autoclave manufacturer, we supply custom-made autoclaves to meet customers’ different requirements. The autoclaves for AAC plant in building materials manufactured by our company have played an essential role in construction industry.

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