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Autoclave for PHC pile for sale in Malaysia

Date: 2014-07-17 14:53:02

Project Name:Autoclave for PHC pile for sale

Project Time:July 2013

Equipment:3 sets

Production:Autoclave for PHC pile

PHC pile is a structural building materials to guide and stabilize a building’s foundation. A PHC pile may be used to distribute the weight on the building deeper to the earth, the spot that the soil is usually more tightly packed. PHC piles may also be utilized to support exceptionally large or heavy buildings, where even standard soil cannot offer adequate support. In Malaysia, as the widespread of PHC piple, the autoclave for PHC pile for sale is also rapidly developing.

PHC pile autoclave for sale in Malaysia
As a new materials used in railways, highways and bridges, ports, terminals, irrigation, municipal, structures, and large-scale equipment, the pile is undoubtedly the most extensive range of applications, it is emerging in recent years, and becoming a representative of building materials.


In Autoclaved PHC pile manufacturing process, high-pressure steam curing the pile in autoclave, it is a key step in the manufacture of PHC pile. PHC Piles complete hydrothermal reaction CaO-Si02-H2O in the autoclave.

Autoclave for PHC pile supplier
In recent years, more and more people in Malaysia invest in the PHC pile, for the PHC pile production is good benefit, short construction period, high efficiency, quick return, and the construction site is simple, easy to manage, lower the cost. While the autoclave for PHC pile is indispensible in the investment.

ZG as a large industrial autoclave supplier, can produce a variety of autoclave, such as the AAC autoclave, AAC block plant, autoclave for PHC piple, wood autoclave, etc. As a reliable autoclaved PHC pile manufacturer in Malaysia, 3 sets of autoclave for PHC pile were exported to Malaysia in 2013. ZG can not only provide good quality autoclave, but also provide professional technical support.  

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