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ASME Steam Autoclave Exported to Pakistan

Date: 2015-08-26 14:07:59

Project Name:a set of 200,000m3 autocave

Project Time:July2013

Equipment:Karachi, Pakistan


Entire production line of a set of 200,000m3 ASME Autoclave: mixer, mixing pouring cars, single-beam double hook double-speed driving, mold frame, mold bottom, steam curing car, single-beam single hook lane, spreader, ball mill, autoclave, column pole, bucket elevator , steam boilers, mobile hoist, cutting machine, slurry tank, pulp cans, aluminum mixer, bucket feeder, hopper, crusher, measuring tank 
Application background:
ZG manufactured industrial steam autoclave in China can be widely used in many industrial areas such as rubber, AAC block plant, Fly ash brick factory, sand line brick plant, etc. Industrial steam autoclave can function steam curing during brick manufacturing process. ZG manufactured industrial autoclave are strictly following the standard of ASME certification. We keep pursuing higher technology on autoclave manufacturing.
Users background:
Our consumer from Pakistan ordered a set of 200,000m3 autoclave for his rubber plant. Good quality autoclave can supply high pressure and high temperature during the production of rubber. Industrial autoclave can function steam curing during rubber manufacturing process. After several negotiation, we two parts signed a sales contract about purchasing a set of 200,000m3 ASME Autoclave for rubber industry in ZG company. And after 40 days, this 200,000m3 ASME Autoclave was transported to Pakistan on time. 

ZG company are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of AAC horizontal Autoclaves. We provide an ASME steam autoclave with designs, installation, production testing, after sales service and warranty. The industrial autoclave is applicable for curing the cut body under high temperature and high pressure. If you want to know more about ASME autoclave in Pakistan,please contact us directly.

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