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AAC autoclave for sale in China

Date: 2014-04-15 16:16:54

Project Name:AAC autoclave for sale in China

Project Time:March, 2012

Equipment:8 sets of Φ2x31.5m autoclave

Production:AAC brick plant

Place: Longkou city in Shandong Province, China

Equipments for AAC plant: blender, stirring casting car , bolster, mold button, steam curing car, monospar double hook driving crane, slings for lifting loads, post strut, bucket elevator, ball grinder, autoclave , steam boiler , crab winch , cutting machine, aluminum powder mixer, bucket feeding machine., Slurry storage tank , bunker ,crusher , measure tank.

Annual output: 150 million pieces of standard bricks / year

Equipment needed: 8 sets of Φ2x31.5m autoclave kettles for standard brick

Application situation: Nanshan group’s coal-fired power plant produces a large amount of fly ash waste every year, which is not only a waste of storage, but also can produces pollution to the environment. To turn waste to wealth, they purchased 8 sets of Φ2x31.5m autoclave kettles from our company. By using these eight autoclaved kettles, 127.22688 million pieces of standard bricks worth 60million RMB are produced per year. Not only the waste is reused, but also huge economic benefit is brought.

Two years later, Nanshan Group contacted our company for twice, to purchase 6 pieces of 4 x 31.5 2.85 autoclaves at the first time and 4 pieces of 4 x 31.5 2.85 at the second time for expanding AAC plant. Their trust has given us great motivation.

AAC autoclave in China

AAC autoclave manufacturer in China

AAC block plant in China

AAC block plant in China

AAC block plant in China


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