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50,000 m3 AAC block plant

Date: 2015-02-05 11:59:07

Project Name:50,000 m3 AAC block plant

Project Time:2013

Equipment:1 set

Production:AAC block plant in fertilizer plant

For solving the secondary pollution caused by a large backlog of fly ash, the fertilizer plant decided to build a 50,000 m3 AAC block plant, taking advantage of fly ash to produce AAC block, which can both solve the pollution and bring economic benefit.

50,000 m3 AAC block plant in fertilizer plant

During the production process, a fertilizer plant produces large amounts of fly ash, causing environment pollution. However, the fly ash is an important raw material for producing AAC block. AAC block is a new building material, low energy consumption, wide application, save space, good quality, high strength, light weight, good insulation, heat resistance, fire-proof, and short product period. The fertilizer plant built the 50,000 m3 AAC block plant, using the waste fly ash to produce fly ash block, AAC block.

50000 m3 aac block plant.jpg

50000 m3 aac block plant in fertilizer plant using the waste fly ash as raw materials

Autoclave for AAC block plant

In the AAC block plant, autoclave is a necessary part. Autoclave for AAC plant is used to generate high temperature and high pressure steam in the production line for steam-curing the blocks, besides, there are cut-off machine, ball crusher, steam-curing car, bottom board, pouring truck, storage tank, stirrer tank, crusher and some other equipment in the 50000 m3 AAC block plant.

50,000 m3 AAC block plant supplier

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