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300000m3 AAC block plant project

Date: 2015-05-12 11:15:25

Project Name:300000m3 AAC block plant project

Project Time:2011

Equipment:1 set

Production:300000m3 AAC block plant for power plant

Project guide: In the year of 2011, the customer bought one set of 300000m3 AAC block plant, the annual capacity is 300,000 cubic meters. FGZSS1.5-2.85 300000m3 AAC block plant is a up-door opening structure with a large pressure vessels, the diameter is 2.85meters, Maximum working pressure is 1.5Mpa with 32meters length. Working medium is saturated steam condensate.
Project item: FGZSS1.5-2.85X32 AAC block plant.
Project site: Tangshan, China.
Working medium: saturated steam condensate. 

300000m3 AAC block plant project
300000m3 AAC block plant project introduce:

In 2011, this 300000m3 autoclaved aerated concrete block project start installation, with an annual 300,000 cubic meters. This aerated concrete block production line is ideally located in the harbor-tech Development Zone of Tangshan, east of Wang Beach power plant has been built, the project is to power plant up and running, the direct use of power plants gypsum, fly ash and other waste, utilization water, electricity, gas and other resources, the production of new energy-saving building materials - autoclaved aerated concrete block.
300000m3 AAC block plant project supplier:
300000 m3 AAC block plant project supplier provide by ZG is just meet the demand for building materials of this company, Tangshan harbor, the company advanced production technology absorbing domestic and foreign autoclave advantages and well-designed. Our engineers using finite element analysis and calculation of the main pressure autoclave element to ensure the safe operation of the autoclave in accordance with China's relevant regulations and standards of pressure vessels. In addition, ZG autoclave supporting good, short installation period, low investment costs required with high quality of installations. Fully consider the needs of customer.

Feedback: Project was delivered in November, 2011, currently running well. Except 300000m3, we also provide 50000m3 AAC block plant, and 150000m3 AAC block plant etc. More project want to reading, click here.

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